Saturday, March 19, 2016

Summer of 1960 When I Was 7... chapter 19... til the last scream faded

Summer of 1960 When I Was 7... chapter 19... til the last scream faded

At what age do we realize that some of our food is from animals?  For most of us, we consciously choose to turn a blind eye to the previous steps in our food chain that comes before the grocery store.  My mother having lived on a farm had no such compunction.  She just did what she believed needed to be done.  But the impact on my young life was profound.                         

 “Todays the day….I’m going to have to do it.  Marva Rose come help me,” said Momma as she walked out the back door.  “Marilyn, stay in the house with Patty.”

“But, Momma….”  I started out the door.

“No!  You stay in the house with Patty and the baby.”

 Momma went outside carrying a large knife and a bucket.  She went to the rabbit cages and put the rabbits in a large cardboard box and brought them out by the clothesline.  The rabbits were three months old now and as big as their mama.    Patty and the baby were sleeping so I stood at the back door watching, wondering what Momma was going to do.  Moonrose was petting the rabbits.  I looked for Carolyn, but she wasn’t out in the yard.  I wanted to go out and pet the rabbits, too, but I had to stay in the house with Patty.

Momma picked up a rabbit and held it like I had learned to do.  It had to be held close so it wouldn’t kick and scratch your arms.  She held it close and cooed into the pink ear while it twitched.  Then Momma had tied a string to the clothesline and held the bunny upside down and wrapped the string around its legs, like tobacco tied to a pole.  Upside down the bunny started to wriggle and squirm, but Momma held its head while petting its ears flat and murmuring to keep it calm.  Then she brought out the knife and ran it along the back of its head faster than I could even see.  The rabbit let out a loud scream and I ran into the bathroom, sat on the floor with my back to Daddy’s toilet and cried.  Moonrose came in and put her arms around me and we both sat on the bathroom floor until the last scream faded. 
                                                             to be continued.....



  1. Wow! This is an intense story! Your details about how your mom held the rabbit, and petted it, then killed it, really bring the story to life. This makes me want to become a vegetarian!

  2. Your writing is very intense, I could feel the emotion of Patty. The detail of what mom was going to do to the rabbit, chilling.

  3. Oh my goodness! I may need to be a vegetarian after reading this post!