Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I’d like to tell you about my Easter. Ah, the beautiful, soft green leaves that are just budding from the trees, and the yellow heads of daffodils that I spot peeking out here and there. I find comfort In this new birth of the Earth. New gifts for us.

I spent my Easter morning in the hospital holding the hand of a great, gentle man whom I have loved and enjoyed his grace for most of my life. His name is John. I watched him labor for breath and life. It’s hard to turn loose; for those of us who love him, but for him, too. I know he worries about his wife who he will leave behind and who he has spent a lifetime taking care of.

I call in my spirit guides, angels, totems, all those who walk with me. I talk to the Great Mother God. I feel lost. I ask. I question. I cry.

John begins to talk to his dad. It’s hard to understand his words, but it’s clear that he is talking to his father. Is it his father who preceded him in death by 50 years? Or is he talking to the Holy Father? What a conversation that is! His face is sunken with exhaustion but yet glows with a light from within as he stares off in the distance, seeing something that we mere mortals cannot see with our limited vision.

I kiss his forehead goodbye, tiptoe out of the room and go immediately to my mother’s house to wish my parents Happy Easter. I did not realize my niece would be there, with her newborn, only 1 hour out of the hospital. I got to hold that beautiful new life, a new light spirit so fresh from heaven. When as I reach down to kiss her forehead, I realized that I had just kissed the forehead of someone who is a light spirit newly going to heaven just a few minutes before. Life on Earth. Going and Coming. I sat there in wonder as I realized that I had my answer. An angelic messenger from God/dess, just kissed me, held me in her arms, and told me that life is here. All around. Right now.

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