Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A New Moon. A beautiful new Aquarian moon. And, with this new moon it's a good time to set an intention. I say my New Moon Prayer:

I call the directions holding my intentions for this new month.
I sage away the old and I invite new energies to embrace me.
I reinvent myself. A new me with
Peace, Serenity, Strength, Confidence, Poise and Abundance.
I am more powerful than I have realized and
I have grown into the Priestess Self that I am.
I pray to the Great Mystery and feel my connection to All That Is.
Health, Happiness, Abundance and Perfect Expression is Who I Am.
I am Light, Love, Inner Beauty and Outer Glow
With each smile, I radiate the Great Spirit that resides in me.
And So It Is.

Setting an intention can be as simple as setting a goal, making a resolution, or making a wish. Or, setting an intention can be on such a deep level as to transform who you really are: transformation on a cellular level in the physical body by increasing health, transformation on an emotional level by changing your perspective and your reactions to the events around you, or transformation on a spiritual level by seeking guidance from deep within.

I've learned to ask myself questions: How important is it to me to do this? How confident am I that I can do it? Asking myself questions can help clarify this intention.

After setting an intention. The next step is to decide on obtainable goals. If I wanted to make an intention to get healthy. A goal could be set to go for a 30 minute walk every day. Then set it into motion by breaking it down into a task; to buy a pedometer, or to eat an apple every day.

Taking the time to actually make a goal and decide what steps to take can be a good first step. Finding support is another. Who can be part of My Team. Often we dwell on who may be unsupportive but we need to find who can be supportive. Find someone who can help technically, who can help me emotionally, and who can gently hold me accountable.

My challenges with my intentions are finding the time. Actually looking at how I am really spending my time is sometimes eye opening....How much time do I watch tv every day? On the phone? Set priorities. Then I can see where I need to make some changes.

Finally I needed to look to where I get my inspiration? Nature, reading, writing, meditating? From whom?

The first time I was given the task of writing an intention statement. I found it pretty difficult. I wondered what it was that I really intended to do with my life. What was it that my spirit really desired. I hadn't actually sat down to ask myself that most basic question. What was it that I wanted most? And, if I could answer that, then what it is that I intended to do with it? These were some pretty evocative questions.

So I thought and pondered. I kept asking myself the question, what kind of life do I want?

What kind of life could I have?
If I see myself as beautiful
And I quit trying to be prettier, thinner, better
Then, I wouldn’t have to wait
To be good enough.

What kind of life could I have?
If I see others as kind
And, I wouldn’t get my feelings hurt by some offhand remark
I wouldn’t have to wait
To feel loved.

What kind of life could I have?
If I see happiness in every moment.
And, I smiled instead of cried
When I feel sorry for myself.
I wouldn’t have to wait
To feel grateful.

What kind of life could I have?
If I see my thoughts can create reality
And I could change them …anytime.
I wouldn’t have to wait
To live.

What kind of life could I have?
If I see myself as strong
And I made my own decisions.
And lived my own life.
I wouldn’t have to wait
For direction.

What kind of life could I have?
If I see the sacredness of all nature
Of everything from the moon to mountains.
From fresh water to fresh food.
I wouldn’t have to wait
To survive.

What kind of life could I have?
If I see a softer face in God
Maybe as a wise old woman
Who knows the ways of the world.
I wouldn’t have to wait
To be saved.

What kind of life could I have?
If I see that God does not rule the world.
She is the world.
I would not have to wait
To be free.

What kind of life could I have?

An inner longing of my soul, raged forth in answer.

I want to awaken my consciousness to its true nature as Unconditional Love and extend that to everyone around me and to all the planet so I can see the beauty and sacredness of all nature.

I want to eat the forbidden fruit….In this patriarchal society of today, I want to find my own individual uniqueness and importance and autonomy.

I want to see each human as the light spirit that they truly are on this earthly plane walking their path to enlightenment.

I want to practice the fact that Energy heals and Thought can transform my world.

I want to Stir up and Ignite a Fire of Passion and express it daily with creativity and enthusiasm.

I want to be mindful of the fact that everything I send out comes back to me three fold.

I want to find my spirit’s purpose and find an inner sense of pride and self-respect, enlighten my mind, discover my strengths, celebrate my emotions, and cultivate and apply my own unique abilities.

I want to listen to my muses.

I want to live in a Circle of Love; to be held when I cry, supported when I fall, and celebrated when I succeed.

I want to Find the Mother and let her live on.

I want to Remember me.

And, with these longings, my intention unfolded.

I intend to be an open vessel to honor and channel the Goddess, re-claiming the power in me that is inherently in each soul and learn the magic of the Goddess through ritual and behavior, and radiate compassion, healing, and love with serenity and contentment.

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  1. Beautiful writing, Mia. I set intention this month to free myself of the constant rush to do "enough", to find happiness in my rest (and patience for it), and to feel confident in my talents and knowing.
    I get so much out of setting intention each month. It helps me keep connected with myself and with what Source intends for me. Sometimes, I don't even get the chance to think about an intention, it just comes. Something always pops up that Source and my higher self want me to activate. Pretty amazing. That's kind of what happened this month, actually.